A Selection of Rev Limiters and Gear Shift Indicators

Rev Limiters/Gear Shift Indicators

  • Flame Thrower Digital Rev Limiter

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    Price: £120.00
    Flame-Thrower digital rev limiters work with any 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engine using points, OEM electronic (GM HEI, Ford, Chrysler) or aftermarket inductive type ignition systems including our very popular Ignitor and Ignitor II points replacement systems. Features •Digital Rev Limiter adjustmentsDigital microcontroller based unit provides greater accuracy (+/-0.01%) over analog systems. •Easy to use rotary switches permit settings with a resolution of 100 RPMs. •Random spark stealing method. •Tachometer output with TTL interface and near 50% duty cycle make our limiters compatible with most modern tachometers. •Reverse voltage protection. •Easy four wire hookup. •Compact size: 3”L X 2.5”W X 1.4”H •Light weight: 0.3KG. •Limited One Year Warranty.
  • Rev Limiter Clubman

    Code: OMRLC
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    Price: £76.50
    Suitable for use with most 2,4,6 or 8 cylinder single coil engines that use points, electronic ignition or an ECU . NOT SUITABLE FOR USE WITH CAPACITIVE DISCHARGE (CDI) IGNITIONS.
  • Rev Limiter Clubman with Launch Control

    Code: OMRLCLC
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    Price: £94.50
    This unit has an auxilliary rev limit which is operated with the supplied waterproof switch that can be mounted on the steering wheel or the gear knob. Set separately to the main rev limit, the auxilliary limit is used at the start line to prevent wheel spin ot the engine bogging down.
  • Shift Light Pro

    Code: OMSLP
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    Price: £81.00
    The shift light Pro can be used to drive an external lamp or buzzer in addition to or instead of the supplied 10mm ultr-bright LED. Rev Range 2 Cyl. 1,000rpm-20,000rpm. 4 Cyl. 1,000rpm-20,000rpm 6 Cyl. 1,000rpm-12,000rpm. 8 Cyl. 1,000rpm-10,000rpm
  • Shift Light Sequential

    Code: OMSLS
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    Price: £94.50
    The shift light sequential has a small (40x16x13mm) remote LED module incorporating 4 incrementally lighting LEDs, the shift point being indicated by the fourth (red) LED lighting. Rev Range 2 Cyl. 1,000rpm-20,000rpm 4 Cyl. 1,000rpm-20,000rpm 6 Cyl. 1,000rpm-12,000rpm 8 Cyl. 1,000rpm-10,000rpm

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